Solar Power Panel

Solar Power Panel

Mono perc half cut technology, high efficiency and better energy yield, power degradation -0.45%/25 years linear warranty, IP68 junction box/high water proof level, reduced hot spot risk.
Residential solar energy, commercial solar plant.


  • BSM-SFLEX-110W
  • BSM-SFLEX-160W

BSM455M-72HPH 435-455W

  • Dimensions:3755*1038*35mm
  • Weight: 21kg
  • Max. System Voltage: 1500 V (IEC/UL)
  • 455W Maximum Power Output
  • 20.8% Maximum Module Efficiency
  • 0~+5W Power Output Guarantee

BSM370M -60HPH 355-370W ( All Black)

  • Dimensions:1755*1038*35mm
  • Weight:21kg
  • Max. System Voltage: 1500 V (IEC/UL)

BSM525-550M10-72HBD 182mm Bifacial

  • Dimensions:2285±2mm×1134±2mm×35±1mm
  • Weight: 31.6kg±3%
  • Max. System Voltage: DC 1500V (IEC)
  • 550W Maximum Power Output
  • 21.2% Maximum Module Efficiency
  • 0~+5W Power Output Guarantee

Mono Shingled Small Solar Panel

  • BSM70PM5-S
  • BSM110PM5-S
  • BSM170PM5-S



Multi meter, Ampere meter, Insulated gloves, Screw driver, Cold press terminal plier, Other installation tools


  1. All wiring must be well-fastened to avoid
  2. Make sure that the polarity of PV and batteries connected to the product is
  3. Should install utility, battery and PV input breaker to ensure
  4. It is forbidden for inverter to share the same solar panel
  5. Battery and solar panel connections must be within the parameters of the
  6. Should install SPD on utility and PV input to protect the
  7. During the operation of the system, do not disconnect the
  8. In areas with large dust, regular cleaning is required to avoid too much dust affecting heat
  9. Inverter protection degree is
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