On-Demand Customization: Responsive

AGICO GROUP has focused on lithium battery customization for 17 years. Customized lithium batteries are widely used in 3C consumer electronics, medical care, smart wear, public safety, power communications, vehicle power supplies, security communications, traffic logistics, surveying and mapping, photovoltaic energy storage, police monitoring, Special fields.

Rreliminary Preparation

  • Customers Needs
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Solutions On Demand

Provide & Solutions

  • Customer Confirms Plans
  • Proofing Samples
  • Laboratory Test

Customer Confirms

  • Customer Confirms Products
  • Mass production

Our Customizable Content

We can provide lithium batteries used in different fields and environments to meet different usage scenarios.

  • CELL:Different brands and shapes of cells

  • Pack:Battery pack with different voltages, capacities and discharge rates

  • PCM/BMS:With different sizes, different discharge cut-off voltage and charge cut-off voltage, with communication system

  • Connector:Customized according to customer needs

  • Shell:If the battery needs a shell, we can provide according to the size of the equipment.

  • Others:Packaging methods, logistics, labels, etc. can all be customized on demand

Customizable Fields

We can provide lithium batteries used in different fields and environments to meet different usage scenarios.

We Are Trustworthy

We have focused on the field of lithium battery customization for 17 years, and have 3000+ high-quality cases in the field of lithium battery customization, and we are wholeheartedly committed to providing more competitive lithium battery customized solutions and products to users around the world.

Service philosophy

Customer-centric Take technology as the core Development by quality Aims to provide customers with customized services for lithium batteries

Technical strength

Explosion-proof lithium battery technology Low temperature charge and discharge, high rate discharge technology Battery with discharge rate from 3C to 100C

R & D team

10+ R&D and technical engineers 20+ Specialty Lithium Battery Experts 30+ lithium battery project operation team

Customize Your Own

We currently have two businesses that can be fully customized, divided into polymer and lithium battery packs You can fill in your needs to us through the form below

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