Advice & Solutions for Your Photovoltaic System and Power Storage ​

A world with renewable energies - that is the future for us and our children. We trade in solar modules, inverters and storage systems for this future. With responsibility, trust and financial security. Worldwide!

Hybrid Solar inverter

Lead-acid Replacement Battery

Applications for EV, RV, solar energy storage, camping, fishing, outdoor and marine activities.

Power Wall For Home Energy Storage

Wall mounted, Led display, smart BMS, on-grid and off-grid applications, compact

REVO VM II 2cdr Off Grid Energy Storage Inverter
Hybrid Solar Inverter

Compatible with home and residential solar energy storage system.

Mono Shingled Solar Panels 70W/110W/170W
Solar Power Panel

Mono perc half cut technology, power degradation -0.45%/25 years linear warranty, IP68 junction box...

Telecom Backup Storage Battery

Deep cycle, long life L, built-in smart BMS manage and monitor cells information...

REVO VM II 2cdr Off Grid Energy Storage Inverter
Comercial Energy Storage

Custom solutions for commercial and industrial energy storage, direct technical support from manufacturer

Customize The Products You Need

According to your submitted needs, application scenarios, and products, our professional team of engineers provide a customized power solution that is most suitable for you.


AGICO GROUP has been a trustworthy lithium battery service provider in the medical, industrial, handheld devices, and motivation industries. We have design experience in almost every application.Our industry background and experience will help ensure that your project is completed on budget and on time.
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